Hoof Oil Conditioner and Dressing

Hoof Oil Conditioner and Dressing

Whether you are worried about cracked or dry hooves, the Hoof Oil Conditioner and Dressing should be in your horse grooming kit.

Key Benefits

  • Healing and Protection: Heals and protects your horse’s hooves from the inside out, treating existing issues and preventing future problems.
  • Split and Crack Prevention: With regular use, it effectively prevents hooves from splitting and cracking, ensuring a happy and pain free horse.
  • Easy to Apply: Enriched with vitamins C, F, A and E, which are Nano-Encapsulated for sustained and controlled application and quick absorption.
  • Moisture Retaining : The advanced formulation not only protects but also moisturizes the hooves, keeping them in peak condition and preventing cracks.
  • Apple Scented: If apples are your horse’s fave treats, the apple-scented Hoof Oil Conditioner and Dressing will do wonders to soothe their nerves.

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