Thrush Clear Thrush Treatment

Thrush Clear Thrush Treatment

Introducing E3 Thrush Clear Thrush Treatment, the ultimate solution for horse owners seeking effective and hassle-free thrush treatment for their equine companions.

Key Benefits

Deep Penetration: Thrush Clear’s advanced formula penetrates deeply into your horse’s hooves, precisely targeting and treating thrush and hoof odor at its source. The result is thorough and lasting relief where it’s needed most.

Enriched with Nano Technology: Formulated with cutting-edge Nano Technology, Thrush Clear delivers essential vitamins and nutrients within a nano-encapsulated delivery system. This innovative approach ensures superior absorption and penetration, promoting overall and long-lasting hoof health.

Moisture Retention: Thrush Clear won’t dry out your horse’s hooves. Instead, it maintains moisture balance, preventing cracks and dryness that can otherwise lead to discomfort and further issues. All without leaving unsightly stains!

Convenient Brush Applicator: Each bottle comes complete with a brush for easy and precise application. Treat your horse’s hooves with ease, even hard-to-reach areas!

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